Torsten Jurell deltar i grupputställningen 不浪费型 NO WASTE FORM med ett videoverk ...

Ur videoverket "During the Flood" av Torsten Jurell
Ur videoverket "During the Flood" av Torsten Jurell

Videon During the Flood – se här



Opening: ‪6 October 2018 from 4 to 7 pm‬

You are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony of
No Waste Form
organized by ADGY International Cultural Centre
Musical improvisation-perfomance by Meipu band during the opening ceremony

exhibition: ‪8 October - 8 November‬

To visit the exhibition,
please warn us one day in advance by wechat
Wechat: adgy9739

Participating artists:

Li Gang 李刚
Zhang Meng 张锰
Huang Xu 黄旭
Chen Xingwei 陈兴伟
Pam See 薛美龄(澳)
Pyo in bu 表仁夫(韩)
Christiane Monz(德)
Jeffrey Stephen Miller(美)
Liu Shuiyang 刘水洋
Douglas Lewis(加)
Hu Shengping 胡声平
Kim Sangyeon 金相年(韩)
David Dawson 大卫(美)
Martin Derbyshire 马腾飞(英)
Torsten TOTO Jurell(瑞)
Lee DongHwan 李东焕(韩)
Alessandro Rolandi 李山(意)
Cho Hyun Taek 赵铉泽(韩)
Wu Weiqiang 吴伟强
Park Woongkyu 朴雄珪(韩)
Li Yujuan 李钰娟
Jarek Balinski(波)
Zhou Jun 周军
Zhang Xiaozheng 张晓征
Liao Shengxiang 廖生祥
Yang Yongli 杨永利
Li Yi 李益(比)
Ma Fumin Desmond Mah 马福民(澳)
Laurens Tan 谭思考(澳)
Zhao Hang 赵航
Wendy Hack(德)
Wang Dongmei 王冬梅
Ren Hui 任惠
Ge Ziyu 戈子馀
Sun Ce 孙策
Aiys Song 宋昭 阿伊斯
Lv Yan 吕岩
Guo Zhifeng 郭志锋
Zhang Tiancheng 张天成
Marc Baufrere(法)
Situ Xiaochun 司徒晓春
Wang Ping 王萍
Dai Hua 代化
Tine Deturck(比)
Philippe Nayer(比)
Frederik Foert(奥)
Amber Liu 刘琥珀
Liu Nan 刘楠
Zeng Zhaoman 曾昭满
Hannes Knutsson-Hall 江宇明(瑞典)
Thomas Schmidt(美)
Zhang Dan 张丹(捷)


In today's world of information explosion and material flooding, the works of art created by artists are constantly being submerged in this material world. Although the works created by the artists have spiritual connotations, these works are ultimately expressed in terms of matter. On the surface, the current society pays more attention to art than before, but our audience is still more attracted to "WeChat" or "Taobao" because they bring more information and faster time updates. It can better meet the psychological needs of the people nowadays. As a result, the status of art in the public mind will face increasingly low embarrassment, the audience of art works is less and less, and the market prospects are not very optimistic, especially the artistic creation of self-expression is more difficult for people to accept. .

In the face of such a reality, is there any future for art? Is there still a need for artists to continue their creation? At present, many artists have begun to reduce their expenses by reducing the size of the studio and away from the city center in order to continue to maintain their creation. Although the cost of rent and the like has been reduced a little, the artist's creation costs have increased due to the general increase in prices, and the artist's energy has been consumed more. Moreover, although the processing methods in China are relatively convenient, due to the rise in artificial prices, artists who have completed their work through external processing have to pay more.

Is there a better path for artists to continue to do some handmade works in a small space, and use free materials, even waste, to freely express their own thoughts, feelings and life. Cognition? I believe that some artists at home and abroad are already practicing this concept, so this exhibition is not new, but it can make people see that there are still many artists who insist on manual creation, and the cost is not very high.

The environment we are in and the various problems we face always remind us that we must return to the originality of art. I personally think that one of the manifestations of originality is to rely on the hands and life that God gives us to experience and use the materials that are made by us to create. So, to some extent, we will get out of the material predicament and also create and survive art. The state brings a better solution.

I hope this exhibition can give some inspiration to the artists.

Li Gang

(Translation from Chinese by Google translator (T. Jurell))









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