"Actors" - separatutställning i KEUMSAN GALLERY, Seoul i Sydkorea

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Korean version från nätsiten ARTNEWS

Keumsan Gallery Torsten Jurell Solo Exhibition "Actors"
(September 19 to October 12, 2019.)

The Keumsan Gallery will hold a solo exhibition of Torsten Jurell, who has been actively working between Sweden and China,
To commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Korea this year, Torsten Jurell will present his first solo exhibition in Korea, and will introduce a variety of ceramic works featuring the artist's unique imagination and experimental spirit.

The native sculptures, which can be placed in the museum's relics, give the impression of being an ancient Chinese sculpture excavated from a site in China. However, the Western Lee Mok-bi, with its thick nose, deep eyes, and dark eyebrows, is a mysterious approach with a uniquely designed costume. The mysterious atmosphere of the east and west coexisting in sculpture is unique to the artist who sublimates various cultures into works based on Sweden and China. Born in Sweden, attending art school and working on art, Torsten Jurell moved to China in 2007 to get inspired by new creations. Since 2011, he has established a workshop in Gyeongdeok-jin, China's largest ceramic production area, to learn the tradition of ceramics, and to continuously produce works in his own way through modern interpretation.

Torsten Jurell is an artist who attempts a variety of media and has worked in various ways, crossing the boundaries of genres such as painting and photography. In particular, he has pursued experimental art by combining theatrical elements such as video, sound, and stage setting. The artist's interest in theatricality is evident in his solo exhibition titled "Actors," which has been inspired by the European Marionette Puppet Theater and has built his own world of art by introducing the concept of "actors". An actor is a person who takes on a role to create a fictional character and embodies a role that goes beyond the life of the actor. The sculptures are actors who work in a virtual stage space created and produced by sculptor and stage director Torsten Jurell. The artist uses the stage as a metaphor of the world and works on various art projects with actor Marionette.

In this exhibition, the artist's unique artistry can be seen through the challenging spirit and experimental work of multimedia writer Torsten Jurell who has a wide artistic spectrum that is not limited to one genre and medium. Moreover, this exhibition will not only introduce Torsten Jurell, who is active on the international stage, to the Korean public, but also set the stage for cultural exchange between the two countries.