Avesta Art 2018

Avesta Art 2018 will exhibit from May 19 to September 16, 2018 a multimedia installation with shadow-sound- and light - performances by Torsten Jurell ...
Avesta Art is an international exhibition of conetemporary art. It is a groupshow, this year its 20th anniversary.

More information follows and the development of the project will be updated on a continuous basis ...
Shadow Play Machine in the exhibition "...And so it was Night!", Museum of Movement, Stockholm 2016
Shadow Play Machine in the exhibition "...And so it was Night!", Museum of Movement, Stockholm 2016

The world of shadow theater

In the Indonesian shadow theater, Wayanga, there are two kinds of performances at one and the same time. The back; which forms the one front where the big orchestra and the singers sit. On that side you also see the Artist who controls the silhouette figures. On this side, the figures are colorful and detailed. They are preformed against a screen of cotton fabrics in a sharp brightness. Behind the screen, on the backside, the theater has another, other front which is the play's actual front.
Like black silhouettes, the actors appear in backlight as they move across the screen. The broken cavities of the flat figures, which are not actually visible from the bright "front", appear clearly as distinct light shapes in the silhouette. From this point, the "back" side of the figures, the play becomes the real front where the different characters appear with a different special focus, especially as they move close, close to the screen. On the other hand, they move away from the screen, closer to the light source, they grow while the figure is getting gray, but because they grow in size and thus dominance, they dissolve paradoxically in blur.
This duality of characters, the relationship between black and white and color, light and shadow, the music, the rhythms, the song, male-female, good and evil, the time aspect, all this opens up a story that is both simple and complex.

About Avesta Art 2018

Avesta Art 2018 Illusioner / Allusioner

19 May-16 September

Avesta Art is a contemporary art exhibition in the spectacular old industrial heritage Verket.

The exhibition deals with the subject Illusions/Allusions through various expressions, techniques and perspectives. Existential questions, redefined history and science blends with the questioning of what´s real and what´s just seemingly real?


Christian Andersson, Natalia Batista, Malin Bobeck Tadaa, Tommaso Bonaventura, Karin Ehrnberger, Ann Eringstam, Helga Härenstam, Åsa Jungnelius, Torsten Jurell, Tove Kjellmark, Haruko Maeda, Markus Kåhre, OLEK.

 (text from Avesta Art's website)