Skulptur Rohsska

Sculpture in glazed stoneware (Xia bo tu - 匣钵 土) bought by Röhss Museum in 2015 during the exhibition Pranks in the Moonlight exhibited in the museum 2014-15. Created by Torsten Jurell in Jingdezhen, China, 2014.



2012, The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Art in Gothenburg, has  bought to its collection the porcelain sculpture The Cockroach Girl. The sculpture was exhibited at Röhsska in Beyond The Lower World 2011-12.

- As a child, I accompanied my parents to the Röhsska Museum, and here I was heavily influenced by the Asian collections. My father had a hobby, he likes to reparea and collect Chinese porcelain. He told me stories how the rich families ordered its porcelain from China by the East India Company. In amongst could spot instructions found on the model and these were painted by the craftsmen who of course could not interpret the ad as would be with or not. As a tribute to my parents and to Röhsska museum I traveled to Jingdezhen. I had sculpted three figures, which The Cockroach Girl was one. On the large pottery market in the Sculpture Factory (Diaosu Ci Chang) I searched among the young designers and found two painters who I asked to create painting after my instructions as it happened in the past. I sneaked into manual by an arrow "more blue" and the landscape will expose my loadspeaker towers. Although the text on the back of The Cockroach Girl was important that the text would not be "poetic solemn" but more scribble as when one notes on a piece of paper of what you have to shop at the store. This text therefore had to be repainted a few times to get the right "everydayness". They hired painters, Mrs Li Yuping (dragon tail painter) and Mr Wang Changgen (landscape after my scetch) is active in Jingdezhen where they run their own shop where they market their pottery - mostly in blue and white.These two sculptures, one of which Röhsska bought to its collection, are the only work I ever created  where another artist do the painting work. But it was what was the point of these works.

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