Pilane Sculpture Park is an incredibly beautiful and remarkable facility on Tjorn, an island on the Swedish west coast,  run by Peter Lennby. Every year they expose brand new pieces by amazing internationally renowned artists. 2012 was a 400-year old Chinese temple rebuilt up in the mountains. Peter Lemby asked Torsten Jurell transform the place "as in a night attack ..."

... And it became a setup information from the Underworld on the top of the hills. A place for the illegal trade in licenses between China and Sweden.

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ON WALLS, LAMP-POSTS and frontages – everywhere you look in Beijing – you’ll see phone numbers to ring. Often they’ve been painted over. The sign is named  Ban Zheng” (办证). Ban zheng is illegal licence business. Marriage certificates, drivers’ licences, Ph.D. degrees. You can buy whatever kind of papers you need. Everything’s for sale. Just make a call to the Lower World

Ban Zheng - foto från Shanghai av Torsten JurellBan Zheng in ShanghaiBan Zheng - foto från Beijing av Torsten JurellBan Zheng in  BeijingBan Zheng - foto från Beijing av Torsten JurellBan Zheng in BeijingBan Zheng - foto från Shanghai av Torsten JurellBan Zheng in ShanghaiBan Zheng - foto från Shanghai av Torsten JurellBan Zheng in Shanghai

Torsten Jurell has done several paintings, exhibited  at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquties in Stockholm, Rhösska Museum of Design, Fashion and Art in Gothenburg, in the Art zone 798 in Beijing ... Find more

Message (Ban Zheng) 2, Mixed media, stitching/embroidery on canvas, 200 x 140 cm, 2009

消息(办证)2, 混合媒体,缝纫/布上绣花 ,200 x 140 cm, 2009

Message (Ban Zheng) 1, Mixed media, stitching/embroidery on canvas 145 x 120 cm, 2009

消息(办证)1, 混合媒体,缝纫/布上绣花, 145 x 120 cm, 2009



What is the content ... 信息?

2006, Torsten Jurell participated in a in a wood sculpture workshop in Orsa, Sweden. There was 8 Swedish and 8 Chinese sculptors.
"To Orsa, I had a simple drawing of a load speaker tower. With chainsaw I create a tower that would be a great drawing of wood. I paint the sculpture yellow and shows the latter on photo for my artist friend Gregory Coats in New York. "What is this? 'I ask.
"Information" responds Greg.
"Of course," I think and renames the sculpture to it.
A shaky information tower will be some years later the central figure in the theater I created, and becomes one of the important symbols of the "Lower World Project" as I show in Sweden and China. "
信息 = Information

"If you dig deep enough you will end up in China ".


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Konsttidskriften Paletten, 3-4 2010, omslag: Torsten Jurell. Målning: The line is busy

PALETTEN - ART MAGAZINE No: 3-4 2010. Cover: Torsten Jurell, painting on scanner "The Line is Busy". The image is related to the presentation of the series "Ban Zheng".