Torsten Jurell is an artist who works over a broad aesthetic field. His works often has a historic/literary or current political connection. Jurell could be described as a hybrid personality who through his practice pulls together a lot of different expressions. His work includes small to large scale sculptures and reliefs in painted wood and bronze, oil painings with embroidery, printmaking, photo, installations and video works. He exhibits continuously since 1976 in Sweden and abroad. His works are featured in private and public collections across Europe, China and the U.S.A.


FROM THE VERY BEGINNING print works have formed the basis of Torsten Jurell’s artistic production, chiefly in the form of linocuts and woodcuts. These graphic techniques offer a happy marriage of drawing with painting and sculpture. A printing plate is, after all, a kind of relief! The prints themselves are rarely produced in editions but are individually hand-printed by the artist himself. That’s why they are seldom numbered. Smaller exhibitions showing woodcutprints have been shown within Sweden for years and in the recent years found a big audience outside Sweden. Since 2008 Torsten Jurell is working with dry point engravings and chinecollé. 2011, with potao prints.



 1951 in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg.
Lives and works in Stockholm since 1981.


Valand School of Fine Arts 1971-76
Royal Art Institute 1975

Project Student at Royal Art Institute 2008-09
Special Student at Royal Art Institute 2009-10

Project Student at Royal Art Institute 2012-13

Project Student at Royal Art Institute 2013-14


By Jacqueline Stare:

"Torsten Jurell has worked fulltime as an artist for more than thirty years. His works often have a historic/literary or current political connection but that is just one side of his work. He is a deeply committed artist but he is just as much filled with pleasure in creating beauty and he gets happy when faced with a beautiful sensual form. A picture where colours harmonize and a content that speaks about joy and warmth. He plays over a broad spectrum and his boundless curiosity, coupled with pleasure in his work, is perhaps the most important propelling force.

No material, neither wood, metal, watercolour, oil nor any graphic technique, is of preference to Torsten Jurell, just as little as he sticks to a limited circle of motifs. The motifs are the ones that choose material and through the materials he searches into forms and colours, through the materials his works get the expression that he seeks."






1974 - 1981 he performed twelve set designs.

1976 the art-studies was completed. The artistry is driven professional full-time and exhibitions have been the main forum.

1974, the work began on the wood cut series Red Blood - White Frost, the Civil War in Finland 1918th. These images are, as they arrived, toured constantly in Sweden, Finland. In recent years, they have also been shown in France and some in China.

1981 Torsten Jurell moved to Stockholm. In that time the sculpting was an essential part of the artistry and the first reliefs was created.

1983, Torsten Jurell lived a month in Paris. In the late 80's he created the relief suite Mr K – A Story of Passion which was exhibited 1989 at the Swedish Cultural Centre in Paris,  followed of another 20 exhibitions in France. All the time, Torsten Jurell is working parallel with sculpture, painting and graphic prints.

1990 the work begins with the relief in oak "The Dialysis Case"

1996 Jurell made the exhibition in the art gallery "141: an" in Gothenburg. The exhibition was a great media- and a large audiences success. That year Jurell was invited to participate in a workshop in Cape Town “Thupelo International Workshop”. He made the sculpture "Homage to al Water Carriers.

1998, during the time Stockholm was “European Capital of Culture”, Jurell exhibited a big version of The Water Carrier at the dance company E.L.D. in Stockholm. The exhibition gave him a invitation to enter the new millennium with a major solo exhibition in Gallery 5 at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

2000, first trip to Mexico.

2001, exhibition at residence of the Swedish Ambassador of United Nations in New York. Jurell was planning to move to NYC for a while to work in a studio. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center canceled that plan. The work on "Tricket - The Trick!" begins

2002 – the 2nd journey in Mexico. Work on the "Three Lost Conquistadors meet Maya" begins.

2003. Torsten Jurell shows the exhibition "TheWar on Stage" at Alias Teatern in Stockholm.

2004. "Tricket - The Trick!" is exhibited in a show at the harbor of Gothenburg.

2006. Working with Chinese artists in a  wood symposium in Orsa, Sweden. The work on the "Girls of Calais" begins.

2007. Torsten Jurell rent a studio in Beijing and take part in Thupelo Cape Town International Urban Workshop.

2008. “Information 1-3”, three exhibitions in Stockholm, which becomes the start of a project "Good News from the Lower World!”. Torsten Jurell begins a year as project a student in the fine art printing workshop at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. During the year Jurell participates in several international group exhibitions of contemporary art. That summer of 2008, he rents a studio in Beijing in three months, he made a solo exhibition in Beijing and participate in a group show.

2009 the 27 graphic prints of The Love-Quest Of The Cockroach Girl are ready and some prints will be exhibited in Beijing. He spend two month in Huang Hua Studio, Beijing, June-August to work for the exhibition at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm.

2010. Special Student at the Royal Institute of Art (Prof. Eberhard Höll). Traveling to Shanghai.

2010.The exhibition “Good News from the Lower World!” at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm. A Book is published on Karnival with the same title as the exhibition. Rent a studio and exhibit "A Brief Call from The Lower World" in 798 in Beijing





I AM A narrative artist. Sometimes my subjects are touching issues like justice and injustice – typical for that is a series of painted wooden reliefs where I tell the story of a man who is fined for a parking offence even though he does not own a car. Trapped in a mixture of red tape and judicial harassment, the man has to fight alone to prove his good faith - yet he ends up a victim, convicted and sentenced...
I love the mix of reality and absurdity and to put it into a beautiful package like that of the old bells chime or a merry-go-round.