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Bühnenstücke.Text in catalogue by curator Jutta Mattern in the catalog "Bühnenreif". Exhibition Catalog adjacent to the two exhibitions "Bühnenreif" Act 1 & Act 2,  Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck 23 September 2016-23 April 2017.! 00 years anniversary of the birth of Dadaism.

DER BAHNHOF ROLANDSECK wird das Theater sein, in dem sich alle Künste vereinen, um das Wunderbare zu schaffen.[1](Marcel Marceau 1923–2007)

Teatral ressam ...

Hazırlayan: Didem Yıldırım. "Teatral ressam ya da resimden iyi anlayan rejisör: Torsten Jurell"

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The Temptation

Lars Andreé. Text from the book; Fire! Manifest 2000


TORSTEN JURELL IS sitting by my side as we leave the Strasbourg motorway and take the slip-road towards Colmar. We stop at a roadside café. Jurell tucks into one of the local hot dogs, ‘knacks dans du pain’, and drinks a beer: Kronenbourg 1664. He’s a bigger eater than I am. A crow flies on its way, but there’s no fox to be seen.



"It is no coincident..."

About The Artist Torsten Jurell. By Laure Barbizet-Namer - assistant curator in charge of the painting and print department at Musée d'histoire Contemporaine, (the Museum of Contemporary History), Paris


IT HAS BEEN said that if Torsten ought to meet anyone in France, it should be me. By that I’m neither saying that it would be pure chance, nor that I am totally irresistible. Far from it. It’s not me as a person, but rather my job that would attract Torsten. Let me tell you about how we met.


A different iconography

Jan Myrdal, writer.

text from the book; Fire!

Manifest 2000


TO SAY THAT this major exhibition of Torsten Jurels work is interesting is an understatement. And not only because it effectively summarises what for him has now almost become a life-work  – several decades of work with form and materials. By all means it can  – and should  – be discussed in this light. But it is also interesting in another ≠way than merely marking a stage in the development of an individual artist. The exhibition is (at least I hope and believe it is) symptomatic. It provides us with an opportunity to discuss questions of art here and now: trends, background and possibilities. That is how I intend to discuss his work.

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