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Landmarks of The Underground - from the book "TUB-3, 14 Stations on Hjulsta Line"



TO BUY MY potato I go to the market in Caochangdi. It’s a village on the outskirts of Beijing, and it’s thronging with crowds of people buying their food. I choose my potato with care. Then I set to work with my potato peeler, cutting the prints for my series of graphics of the blue underground railway line in Stockholm – TUB 3. Potato prints are something that many of us did as children but, sadly, certain types of artistic expression are looked down on. And potato prints, it would seem, rank lowest of them all – not even worthy of mention! Like our subterranean railways (the “tube” lines), potatoes (tubers!) live most of their lives under the ground. Yet both potato prints and underground railways are ultimately about communication: a communicative process, a journey which gives rise to all sorts of unexpected opportunities.

I just happened...

I Just Happened To Be There - from the book "Good News From the Lower World"





GLEAMING, NEWLY WASHED SUVs jostle for space with trucks hauling long trailers on the muddy road that leads up to village. They move at a leisurely pace to avoid colliding with the little three-wheelers that, quite without warning, are liable at any time to spill their cargoes of bricks or melons all over the road. Taxis make their way to the depot.Electric bikes swish noiselessly past the pedalling cyclists. But it is still the pedestrians who are most numerous, on their way to or from the bus stop on Lai Guang Ying Dong Road.

It all boils down...

"It All Boils Down To A Single Word. About the Namibian artist Imke Rust in the Swedish art magazine Konstperspektiv #3-08


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